Summer Updates

Hey, friends!

Sacha here with an update on w-w-w-what's up with Beth and me

A couple weeks ago, Beth taught a lil' comics workshop at Northwestern, so I helped prep for that (check out this cool giveaway-mini I made)

Another item on Beth's agenda was teaching a summer class at the Center for Cartoon Studies! I learned how to use Microsoft Excel!! what a rollercoaster ride this internship has been

Anyways, Beth has also been grinding away at Half Asleep volume six. 48 pages of watercolor?? It's pretty dope, lemme tell ya. Here are some of my fave lil tidbits:

Tune in later for more about what the workshop entailed and what I'm currently working on ;-)

Sacha over and out.


  1. This workshop looks like it went well. Looks like the participants had a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more details.

  2. It ended up being Very useful to me and I am certain to every one of the reporters here! Bonuses