Create Comics Prep Recap!

Hey everybody, Sacha here reporting for duty once again.

Even though our days are sprinkled with PokemonGo walks and cat-rearing shenanigans, Beth and I still manage to get work done.


Some of my tasks for prepping for this CCS workshop included making temporary tattoos
I lowkey wish this was a real tattoo
But one thing that I was super thrilled to participate in was the creation of their very own class collaboration!! Helping in coming up with a story, creating characters, and making a bunch of story-related puns was really fun. For the first time on the internet, I am excited to present to you:

And here are the characters I had the honor of designing:

This comic follows the story of Detective Mole-y Ringwall and her sidekick Nick-Turnal in their quest to find out who is stealing clothes from the citizens of Mole-tropolis (spoiler: it's the naked mole rat in the gown, assisted by the worms dressed in mole suits).

More updates to come from ur favorite intern ;-) 

reporting to u from Kentucky xoxo

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