Create Comics Prep Recap!

Hey everybody, Sacha here reporting for duty once again.

Even though our days are sprinkled with PokemonGo walks and cat-rearing shenanigans, Beth and I still manage to get work done.


Some of my tasks for prepping for this CCS workshop included making temporary tattoos
I lowkey wish this was a real tattoo
But one thing that I was super thrilled to participate in was the creation of their very own class collaboration!! Helping in coming up with a story, creating characters, and making a bunch of story-related puns was really fun. For the first time on the internet, I am excited to present to you:

And here are the characters I had the honor of designing:

This comic follows the story of Detective Mole-y Ringwall and her sidekick Nick-Turnal in their quest to find out who is stealing clothes from the citizens of Mole-tropolis (spoiler: it's the naked mole rat in the gown, assisted by the worms dressed in mole suits).

More updates to come from ur favorite intern ;-) 

reporting to u from Kentucky xoxo


Summer Updates

Hey, friends!

Sacha here with an update on w-w-w-what's up with Beth and me

A couple weeks ago, Beth taught a lil' comics workshop at Northwestern, so I helped prep for that (check out this cool giveaway-mini I made)

Another item on Beth's agenda was teaching a summer class at the Center for Cartoon Studies! I learned how to use Microsoft Excel!! what a rollercoaster ride this internship has been

Anyways, Beth has also been grinding away at Half Asleep volume six. 48 pages of watercolor?? It's pretty dope, lemme tell ya. Here are some of my fave lil tidbits:

Tune in later for more about what the workshop entailed and what I'm currently working on ;-)

Sacha over and out.