The moment you've been waiting for!

Good Intern-tions

(Your New Idol)

Hello, to all you comics enthusiasts! Long time no post! Been a while since Beth has posted on the blog (sheesh...) 
You are probably wondering why Beth would be referring to herself in the third-person. Well wonder no longer, my comic warriors! This is her fresh new intern reporting for duty! 
My name is Sacha Lusk, and I am halfway through my education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I enjoy comics, making people cringe, petty drama that doesn't involve me, and a good man with a strong jawline. I am 5'3" and a Leo, so you'd better watch out. Here's a link to my Behance with most of my work. 

I am currently in Canada crashing a wedding, seeing the sights, etc., but I won't let that stop me from keeping you all updated on Beth's activities! I must go now, for I am being summoned by the 4 ft deep pool at this Best Western. More posts to come so stay tuned, my friends.
Sick to meet you all!


(I took this with my foot. I promise that I am wearing pants)


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