C is for...

Chicago Alternative Comics Expo!!!
You Should Go to There!

Ok, guys. Today marks the official CAKE-is-less-than-one-week-away day! 
"What in the world is CAKE? Is this a dessert convention?"
"But Sacha, where would I go to meet Beth and Kyle in their radiant glory?"
"What kinds of things can I check out at their super sweet table?"
"How could I possibly-"
I will tell you! Right now! Stop asking things for a second!

CAKE is a magical place where alternative dreams come true. Come say hey to some of your fave comic artists (or, like me, stumble over your words and look like an absolute dunce), attend some super radical workshops, and spend every cent you have supporting these amazing human beings' work! It's a super cool space with super friendly faces!

(That's Sam Alden circa 2014!!! On the left! In the flesh!!! Comics ppl are very cute and nice!!)
CAKE is the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo located at the Center on Halsted (3656 N Halsted Ave Chicago, IL). A good indicator of the arrival at your destination is the giant Whole Foods that lives below the Center on Halsted. It will take place this Saturday and Sunday, June 11/12 from 11 AM to 6 PM. I suggest going as long as you possibly can, because 14 hours is not nearly enough to absorb all the talent under this roof. More info on CAKE can be found here on their website.

Now, what cool things will Beth have available this year at CAKE 2016? Well, lemme tell ya, she's gonna have some gooood stuff. The items for sale will include: Half Asleep volumes 1-5, Breakfast with Beth, Fugue, the infamous and incredibly complicated Pizza Books (which is not solely about pizza OR made of pizza, just an fyi), Cycles, and cute, cute tote bags!

Excited for CAKE? Are you so excited for CAKE that it's scaring you a little bit? 

Because it's just that awesome.
Stay tuned for more information on Beth's whereabouts, books for sale, and my very own CAKE advice and that I have just for you!
Anyways, until next time, this is Sacha signing off xoxo

"Should I spend this much money on comics? Can I get away with not buying groceries for the next year?"
"Of course I can! Food doesn't last, but comics? Comics are forever. Nice."


  1. Comics is the good way to present hard issues in a light way. People do not get offended and the message is also delivered by this way.

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