One short day, in the Em-erald Ci-ty

Greetings readers!

With a new month comes a new blog post! This month is the start of my convention season. You can see a list of appearances I'll have this season over to the right --->
Emerald City Comic Con is the first show of my season this year and it is just next weekend! Even though it's the most main stream show I tend to do, it still puts a huge emphasis on creators and creator owned works. I'm tabling with Colleen Frakes and she made an awesome little map for folks to be able to find us. We're at table F7 which is just one table over from where we were last year at F6! Ha!

Something to note is that because of my teaching schedule, even though ECCC is a 4 day show (!!!!) I will only be there Saturday and Sunday. I hope if you're in the Seattle area and can make it, that you'll stop by and say hello.

I'll have five volumes of Half Asleep, Fugue omnibus, the infamous Pizza Book, a few other minis, and of course, TOTE BAGS. If you're someone who has been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll have seen the sneak previews of the new tote bags. This year I'm trying out four designs, three of which are brand spankin' new! Of course, I still have a few of the old classic, Rainbow Cats, but the new ones this year include:

Ice Cream

Tools of the Trade

Corner Kitty

Once Emerald City is done, the remaining totes will be available for purchase in my store along with Volume 5 of Half Asleep. Additionally, the totes that were the most popular will be reprinted for the rest of the shows I'll be attending (Chicago Zine Fest, CAKE, SPX).

I'm really excited to be going to Seattle again this year, it's one of my favorite cities and it's such a lovely time of year to go. I'm also extremely thrilled to be carrying around 5 of the 8 Volumes of Half Asleep! I mean, just look at these handsome faces all lined up!!!

I'm chugging away on Volume 6, if you can believe it. I'm hesitant to show too much for in-process work on this volume because we're getting pretty deep in the story and I wouldn't want any new readers to be bummed to see something they didn't want to yet. I guess just keep that in mind as the next few months tick by. I'm working on the volume! I'll try to show a few things here and there, but there won't be as many photos for fear of ruining something.

Thanks again for reading along and keeping up with this slow attempt at a return to the blog.

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