Deep beneath campus...

A large part of Volume 4 of Half Asleep takes place underground. If you've been keeping up with the story, you know that in Volume 3, Ivy discovered something incredible and almost unbelievable toward the end that had been hidden deep underground. In Volume 4, we see more of this space, this new character (Uncle), and some of the technology that exists down there. Because of that, much of Volume 4 is turning out to be, well, dark! And who knew, but having to fill in those spaces with ink takes time! I no longer have my wonderful intern, Corianne, to help me out. It's just me flying solo. Anyway, I did some process shots of one panel and the way I go through from pencils through my inks for this part of the book. Enjoy! And don't forget you can purchase Volumes 1-3 at the store!

I've officially finished 12 pages of my inks, and still have a whopping 30 left to go. But slow and steady fills the spot blacks. See you next time!

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