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Oh my lovely dear readers. How I've missed you! Of course much and more has happened in my negligence absence of this blog. But I hope you will all believe me when I spent many a night, morning, and noon-time thinking about updating and telling you everything. Here we are though! Since last September, let's go through what we've been up to here at Hooray for Comics HQ.

During the fall, I spend my weekends traveling for The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to talk with prospective students all over the country. This year, they had me really zipping around. I visited 15 cities and met with over 100 students. Some locations were amazing, new, and warm! And others were quiet, cold, and had wonderful company. Since my partner does this as his full-time job, there were also many days spent working hard in the studio into the wee hours of the morning.

Along with traveling, I of course had my one class full of another group of impressive and hard-working students, and did Academic Advising one day a week as well. As you know, if you are a long time reader, these are just the normal hum-drum-ary of my regular work week.

Now let's talk about why you all are really here. "Beth!" I hear you cry, "what have you been working on in the studio for all this time?!" Well my friends, I hope I'm not disappointing you, but I've been hard at work penciling Volume 4 of Half Asleep! I can happily say that the pencils are all completed and I've begun inking. If you notice to the right of this post, there is a list of my convention appearances right now. I'm aiming to have Volume 4 completed and ready to go for Emerald City Comic Con at the end of March, and for Volume 5 to be ready for either VanCAF or CAKE at the end of May/early June. Volume 5 has already been 100% written and is being thumbed. I'm hoping to ink volume 4 and pencil volume 5 at the same time, so that way I can have a little variety in my work as well as progress made on both! I can't believe we're half way through the series. Some pretty exciting plot points and character developments have been popping up! Here are some sneak peeks at the pencils for Volume 4:

Don't forget you can buy Volumes at the Store. Currently Volume 3 is sold out, but it will be returning as soon as we can print and assemble more.

In addition to working hard on the pencils for Half Asleep, I've been going through stock and updating the store with inventory and making sure we have everything we need. Some of you have been asking about the Pizza Book and how/where to get a hold of it. Good news for you my friends! It's now available for order online and can be sent directly to your door!! Make sure you head on over to the store to pick up your copy ASAP. I'm not gonna lie, these books sell faster than we can make them. So pick up your pizza while it's still hot! There is an excellent and 100% NOT SAFE FOR WORK review that you can find here from the fine folks at Nudes Reading Comics.

Thanks for checking in and continuing to have faith that this blog will be updated. As always, I will do my best to keep this current.

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  1. Woohooo! So great to hear from you and see those pencils! Cant wait to read it!