There's a sale at Penny's!!

Greetings dear readers! Just as the title suggests, let's talk about sales, stores, and future appearances! (Sorry I don't know if there in fact is or is not a sale at Pennys)

Right now, my friends, you may have noticed or remembered that I have a list of comic conventions that I'll be attending this year/season. Not quite as many as I usually attend but I'm also still waiting to hear back from a few shows before that list will be solidified. You can check back at another time since it's in a nice, easy to locate area right over here ------>

But we'll talk more about those in a moment. Something else you may remember is that I have a really awesome store that is hosted by Store Envy. The link is also conveniently located to the right over there ----->

OR you can click this hyperlink right HERE

Available at this fine looking store right now are several excellent items. The first three are Half Asleep 1, 2, and 3. YES! We do have more copies of 3 that you can purchase NOW! Volume 3 has been a hot item and we have a limited number available now, and then shortly after Emerald City Comic Con, we will have more reprints available.

Half Asleep has been getting some pretty positive attention and we're very excited to start putting together Volume number 4. As noted last week, the pencils are all done and I've started inking now. This week, you'll be able to see some sneaky-peaky of the cover for Volume 4. Volumes 1 and 2 can also be purchased at Quimby's in Chicago and soon will be available at Challenger's Comics and Chicago Comics(all in Chicago).

The next item I have available online at the store is the collaborative graphic novel Cycles that came out in 2012. It's a great story of two brothers and a bunch of bicycles. It's basically an action movie before all the elements of an action movie were invented! I think it's a great book, but don't take my word for it...

Along side Cycles is my graphic memoir, Fugue that is now collected in ONE volume. This book follows the Hetland family as they grow up spanning over 40 years of story and music. For an in depth review by Rob Clough, check out this link!

Last but not least is the infamous Pizza Book. I'm not gonna talk too much about it because it's really an experience. It's a circle-bound book that explores in detail the process of working with a collaborator. Its shape and structure are echoed in its narrative. Check out some slick pictures here.

To go back to my convention appearances, I'll have a few items that you won't find online. Some mini comics that are only available for purchase in person, a print that I'm test driving, and possibly a tote bag (if I can get my behind in gear). But I hope if you live near Seattle, Vancouver, or Chicago you'll stop by and say hello! I'd love to meet/see you and chat.

Until next time, faithful friends!

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