Watch out, it's number EIGHT

Faithful blog readers, welcome back to another episode of COUNT DOWN TO SPX! There are only eight days left until I'm standing behind a table, covered in smiles and nervous sweat, mentally preparing myself to sell my work to the public. Oh yeah, and goofin' around with buds. Did I mention where I'll be tabling? In case you missed it, I'm at table N12 which is here:

As promised, here is another update about what I've been up to as we get closer to the convention.

Part of this summer, I was invited to teach along side the one and only Jon Chad at The Center for Cartoon Studies. We did one workshop and boy-howdy was that an incredible time.

We ran a workshop called Create Comics and the basis behind it is that you have a group of students that will build their comic skills over the course of a week. Their final project is a collective storytelling comic. Everyone helps world build, write, draw, and assemble a final comic. They did such a good job on this book and I had such a blast meeting new colleagues and teaching side by side with such a great pal.

All of the faculty and TAs working hard on drawing the cover of the book.

Final product!

EPIC movie night with the one and only Steve Bissette. Golly I miss going to those!

Oh yeah, and I got to see a bunch of my classmates who ended up being in town. I love them. And miss them. And if they're reading this, I hope they are feeling the same way when they look at this picture.

I think on that sentimental note, I'll leave for today. Tomorrow (Saturday) Kyle and I are assembling around 250 books so it'll be quite a post!


  1. Beth, the Create Comics Workshop was an awesome experience and it's pretty cool to see all those photos (hey, I'm in the movie night pic!). I left with some new skills and a heightened level of enthusiasm for cartooning that has yet to abate, and it was a privilege to work with all those creative folks. Already thinking about maybe taking another workshop next summer.

  2. Woo!! Great to hear from you (and meet you this summer Matt!) Can't wait to see what you make. :)

  3. This post makes me smile so many times.