Fallow Fields

Dear readers, I think it's time to do some heavy lifting when it comes to this blog. I've been able to spend a luxurious summer of not-blogging, but making. As you saw from my lovely intern's posts, we've been busy hustlin' the hard life. However, it's now time to take this fallow field and plant the seeds for our next harvest. A metaphor two of my favorite people use when making comics, Jon Chad and Betsey Swardlick.

This being said, let's do a big countdown series to SPX which is going to be the next show I'll be at, and coincidentally, my final show of the "convention season" which for me is from March-September. SPX, or the Small Press Expo is in Bethesda, MD and is the grand ball of comics. If you've never been and you're in the area, I highly recommend it. It has some extremely talented creators and is well worth the trip. I'll be at table N12 tabling with Marnie Galloway and long time tablemate, Josh Kramer, editor of the Cartoon Picayune. We'll be right next door to Hic and Hoc Press as well as some other long-time buddies Dakota McFadzean, Pat Barrett and first time SPXer Ben Horak. Here is an excellent map that Marnie made to show where we are!

We are officially 10 days away from the doors opening at SPX. (September 13th 11am-7pm September 14th noon-6pm)and something I'll have at the table that Corianne was working hard on is the infamous Pizza Books!

Corianne spent days and days trying to get these finicky creatures to line up front and back perfectly to and to be prepped for laser cutting. We were able to cut 50 books this way and they were AWESOME. However due to demand, this is not nearly enough and the laser cutter was in too high of demand for our quick turn around. Corianne then spend days upon days of cutting out 100 books! (that's 400 circles)

Once all the circles were cut, it was time to fold.

Myself, and Kyle also were prime folders once we got going. All 100 copies of the pizza book are now assembled and packed away, ready to go for SPX. It takes a village my friends.

As we get closer to SPX, I'll be revealing more things that will be available at my table. It's also wise to start checking the Store for any new arrivals.

Till tomorrow!

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