Catching up on Comics!

Hello fellow comic lovers. 

It’s been awhile, but we have been busy busting out the beats y’all! Ok, so we aren’t making music per-say but doesn’t a real good story have some great beats. Pacing that is, and comic pacing is all about those panels. It’s the dirty work but it’s also the backbone. So I have been plugging away at making the panels that someday (real soon) will hold the beauty of Beth’s drawings. Beth has been kicking out the thumbnails for those new books you all are waiting on and let me tell you… this is a secret… its gonna be worth the wait!!! I have been throwing some side eye glances over to her workstation and she is killing it!  So you better start prepping yourself and your favorite comics reading chair for some new stuff, go ahead fluff the pillows, sit down, wiggle a bit. Comfy? Ready? Good!

Until then have you read Half Asleep Volume 1 and 2? You might wanna catch yourself up! 

Half Asleep Volume 1 and 2

Alright confession… I, Beth’s trusty intern, hadn’t read them til about a week ago, but man was I kickin’ myself in the pants for waiting so long and I just don’t want you to have to suffer the same pain! So, I suggest you get your hands on a copy real soon, curl up in that comfy chair and get to readin’! 

You can click that nifty little button to the right that says STORE and you'll find um! 

Well now you have a mission, and we have ours! Drawings for us, and reading for you! 

Look at that to-do list!

Look out for some new blawgs coming down the pike.

Til next time,

The ever-enthusiastic intern,

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