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Intern Corianne here reporting on CAKE 2014! It was my first time attending CAKE, yes I am a comic noooob! No worries though, after surviving the initial shock of over-stimulation I fared alright. Of course there was the occasional, "Hi!... I follow you on twitter... YOU'RE GREAT!!!...*nervous sweats*... K BYYYYEE!!!" Luckily, the comics community seems to be very forgiving of the awkward and I improved my social skills by round 3 of walking around. Sorry, to those who experienced that pain. 

"Person is cooler than she appears." - gonna put it on my side mirrors. 

So when the social stress got to be too much I retreated to the panels. They are totally safe, I learn something, they talk to me and I can't put my foot in my mouth! WIN WIN! 

I attended "Seduction of the Innocent." That is something to write home about. "HEY MoM! I am learning to seduce the innocent. Thanks, send money. K kool, TTYL" Too late I already have my degree. Muhahahahaha! Awesome, awesome panel! The panel focused on making comics for kids and young adults and the stand out thought, DONT DUMB IT DOWN! Speak for yourself then cut the booze, sex and swearing and there you go... kids comic! #boom. Ok, there is a little more than that, but it was encouraging for someone like me who likes dark humor, comedic grotesque shit but also an aspiring kids comic artist to be reminded that "kids have a dark side too." Whoo hoo there is hope for me yet! Shout out to Liz Prince who spoke in the panel! Tomboy, her new book comes out September 2nd.

Still not ready for more people?.... yeah... OK.. PANEL #2... "24 Panels a Second"

Perfect! I studied animation and am now transitioning to comics! Great please, PLEASE make me feel better about "wasting" so much time in animation classes when I could have been making comics! Guess what they did! The answer? They go hand in hand and it's not crazy to be in love with both! Awesome thanks! Honestly, a great panel but I didn't take as many notes because I was too busy sketching. The panel had some awesome facial features that needed to be drawn. All in all, left with some confidence in my career path.

Some of the panel doodles.

Now ready to meet some awesome artists? AWE HELL YEAH!

Special shout out to Pranas T. Naujokaitis for his rocking kids book, Dinosaurs in Space now with a place on my bookshelf, and Bernie McGovern who gave me an awesome list of Chicago Artists to stalk-I mean check out! 
Don't know who I'm talking about? Check em out! 

Walked away with some great books and even more I want to own soon! All together it was a very successful CAKE!

Thank you to everybody who made it out and stopped by Beth’s table to say 'hi' and thank you to everyone who made my first real Chicago Comics weekend so awesome!

Til next time, 

The ever enthusiastic intern, 

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