Something in the wind

Hi readers! It's Friday and here's an update on some of the things I've been doing.
Last week, Kyle and I performed in Brain Frame Lit at SAIC. Our performance was a live meeting in which we collaborated on our work in front of a room of on-lookers. It was a blast and totally weird. I was very nervous as you may be able to tell from some of these images. But after we were done, we passed out a new mini comic that will be available from me at conventions while supplies last. These books are really awesome and made through a scrapbooking technique I was playing around with called a Circle book. So each "page" is a full circle and when you close the book it forms sort of a pizza piece. With this mini, you can read the "Kyle Section" or the "Beth Section" all the way through the book, and then it directs you to turn the object and read the other part of it. It is a really neat object that talks about our process of collaboration.
One of my students, Tori Kwon, made this awesome comic version of her experience of us.

As the semester is coming to a close for me, I'm able to find more time to put in on inking Half Asleep Volume 2 (hopefully coming out for TCAF in early May). But here's a sneak peak of one of the pages where Ivy is day-dreaming about her obnoxious and lecture-y mom.

I've finished listening to the second book of the King Killer Chronicle, as well as finish both books 1 and 2 of the Divergent series. Book 3 here I come! And then... who knows what will be next to listen to while I finish inking this. As of last night, I cleared page 21 of completed inks which means there are only 27 more to go! I'm nearly at the tipping point from the uphill climb to half way, to the downhill launch into completion.

I am also very happy to say that I just printed a fresh batch of the FUGUE Omnibus which is available at MY STORE along with volume 1 of Half Asleep purchases and newly added International shipping prices!

Thanks so much and see ya next time!

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