Burning both ends of the Candle

Just when you think things couldn't POSSIBLY become any busier, they always, always do dear reader. If you don't make time for the important people, projects or appointments then you never will. There will always be something boiling on the back-burner that in the time it took you to stir one of your many pots, it has over flowed or exploded meat all over your kitchen (mom). Regardless, this is where I find myself as I'm typing this to all of you. If I don't make time now--when I know I have an appointment to meet, papers to grade, comics to draw, minis to fold--I will find a way, ANY way, to put off what I know in my heart needs to happen. For the good of the Beth.

That being said, exciting stuff is coming down the pipeline EXTREMELY quickly! Conventions! The first of which is happening NEXT WEEKEND! Saturday, March 15th is the Chicago Zine Fest and naturally I'm busy printing minis, assembling funny books and sorting sequential pages. There will be one NEW item at my table but I'm not ready to announce it yet. You'll be able to find me on the First Floor of the 1104 S. Wabash Building at Columbia College Chicago. Here's the inside map!

You can all start marking your calendars now though for Kyle and I to give a one time only performance of a LIVE ACTION COLLABORATION on April 2nd at the Neiman Center in Chicago, IL at 4pm. I hope you can make it! It's going to be very unpredictable and totally weird.
Other news is that on the right hand side of the website, you can see my Convention appearances list! I'll be at all of those place this year and that's pretty much it. I'm slowing down a smidge on the Convention end of things in an effort to focus and direct my attention to projects and personal growth.

Until then, I'll just keep plugging away at Volume 2 of Half Asleep (Volume 1 can be purchased here) and leave these sneak peek images right here for all of y'all!
As well as a super weird one page comic for the CAKE book that I'll be in that debuts at CAKE Chicago at the end of May/beginning of June!
See you next time!