Whatever happens

Greetings dear readers!
Some exciting updates for you. Inking is in full swing! Most of my time not spent in the classroom or huddled under a blanket right now is being spent hunched over my drawing table, with world-cancelling headphones, listening intently to my audio book and making progress on my pages!
As you'll see from the sneak peeks, there is a new element going on here, white ink on black! I'm using a pro white guache mixed to my friend Ingrid's advice ("as if it's the consistency of half-and-half") and it's working MARVELOUSLY. I'm very pleased with how these pages, as few as they are, are turning out. It makes me excited to be able to put down my other work and log in some solid time at the desk. And HOPEFULLY by the end of all of this, I will have a new book to push down your throats!happily promote!
On top of comics-ing, I'm still working my way through the semester. A new set of Captains and our first guest lecturer!
One last thing, if you're in Chicago, make sure you pick up a copy of the most recent New City because my good friend Ian McDuffie has a comic in there!!
Till next time friends!

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