If you feel, like I feel, sugar...

Welcome back dear readers. As I continue to do my best with updating and pursuing the perpetual juggle, I appreciate your patience and loyalty in visiting!
As the weeks tick on, they seem to move even faster. Projects in school are reaching critiques (or finalization), lectures are starting to build themselves, handouts are assembled, and demos are demolished. These are all good things. The more my classes can "run themselves" so to speak, the more studio time I can squeeze out of my packed schedule.
This week I was finally able to start laying some ink down on my pages
It's not much, but it's a step. I've dove head first back into my audio book "The Name of the Wind" aka the first book of the King Killer Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss (BIG SHOUT OUT to Surabhi for the rec!). I'm excited to keep putting hours in on these pages as chug ever steadily to the finish line!
This week I also had a wonderfully unexpected moment of mental relief when a good friend came into town and took me to lunch and the opera (Barber of Seville) between my two classes on Wednesday.
A wonderful opera, completely hilarious and with a HAPPY ending! Who knew!? I highly recommend going if you're in the Chicago area and have the time. It's not so long as a Ring Cycle but some spectacular talent and stunningly lit and designed sets!
Another unexpected moment this week was another friend got stranded in Chicago due to mass amounts of snow dumpage in the East, so I was able to catch up and chat with the one and only Joe Lambert as he was in the process of fighting jetlag from his European Extravaganza. Glad to see you Joe! Even if it is under crappy circumstances...
Last my dear readers, I'll leave with what I received on the train this morning. Happy Valentine's Day, I love you all. I should say it more often but I for one thank this "holiday" for reminding me to take time in my life to appreciate and show the ones around me how much they mean.
Lots of love,

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