Whatever happens

Greetings dear readers!
Some exciting updates for you. Inking is in full swing! Most of my time not spent in the classroom or huddled under a blanket right now is being spent hunched over my drawing table, with world-cancelling headphones, listening intently to my audio book and making progress on my pages!
As you'll see from the sneak peeks, there is a new element going on here, white ink on black! I'm using a pro white guache mixed to my friend Ingrid's advice ("as if it's the consistency of half-and-half") and it's working MARVELOUSLY. I'm very pleased with how these pages, as few as they are, are turning out. It makes me excited to be able to put down my other work and log in some solid time at the desk. And HOPEFULLY by the end of all of this, I will have a new book to push down your throats!happily promote!
On top of comics-ing, I'm still working my way through the semester. A new set of Captains and our first guest lecturer!
One last thing, if you're in Chicago, make sure you pick up a copy of the most recent New City because my good friend Ian McDuffie has a comic in there!!
Till next time friends!


If you feel, like I feel, sugar...

Welcome back dear readers. As I continue to do my best with updating and pursuing the perpetual juggle, I appreciate your patience and loyalty in visiting!
As the weeks tick on, they seem to move even faster. Projects in school are reaching critiques (or finalization), lectures are starting to build themselves, handouts are assembled, and demos are demolished. These are all good things. The more my classes can "run themselves" so to speak, the more studio time I can squeeze out of my packed schedule.
This week I was finally able to start laying some ink down on my pages
It's not much, but it's a step. I've dove head first back into my audio book "The Name of the Wind" aka the first book of the King Killer Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss (BIG SHOUT OUT to Surabhi for the rec!). I'm excited to keep putting hours in on these pages as chug ever steadily to the finish line!
This week I also had a wonderfully unexpected moment of mental relief when a good friend came into town and took me to lunch and the opera (Barber of Seville) between my two classes on Wednesday.
A wonderful opera, completely hilarious and with a HAPPY ending! Who knew!? I highly recommend going if you're in the Chicago area and have the time. It's not so long as a Ring Cycle but some spectacular talent and stunningly lit and designed sets!
Another unexpected moment this week was another friend got stranded in Chicago due to mass amounts of snow dumpage in the East, so I was able to catch up and chat with the one and only Joe Lambert as he was in the process of fighting jetlag from his European Extravaganza. Glad to see you Joe! Even if it is under crappy circumstances...
Last my dear readers, I'll leave with what I received on the train this morning. Happy Valentine's Day, I love you all. I should say it more often but I for one thank this "holiday" for reminding me to take time in my life to appreciate and show the ones around me how much they mean.
Lots of love,


Best laid plans...

Hello dear readers!
It seems I've fallen off that horse again, however here we are attempting to ride through the woods. Since I left you school has begun! All four of my classes are spectacular.
I love all these students and think they are making some pretty amazing work. Now don't get me wrong, I'm pretty tuckered out at the end of the day. I go home to create lectures, draw handouts, and organize. But Beth, I hear you cry, what about comics!?
I'll be 100% honest with you, my dear, it is going slow. Much slower than I had hoped. Issue 2 of Half Asleep is FULLY penciled though and I'm excited to say it passed the Kyle inspection.
This weekend, I've caught up a lot in my classroom prep and I'll get to spend TWO FULL DAYS in the studio slinging ink. This, above anything else, makes me incredibly happy.
Now don't you forget, you can order your VERY OWN COPY of Half Asleep Vol. 1 for only $5.00 (plus shipping) from the STORE.
I also, in the time I've written, aged a full year. That's right, I'm now older and wiser. For my birthday I had a wonderful time eating delicious food and playing pinball. I even found that my FAVORITE pinball place recently acquired an old friend... That's right, Headquarters Beercade now has Medieval Madness!
I do have to say I experienced a loss recently... my beloved desk chair has finally given up the ghost.
It had a good run but it will be GREATLY missed. I'm still on the search for the perfect new desk chair.
Over the weekend I pulled myself from my cove and saw my good friend Tyrell Cannon perform at Brain Frame! He did a really spectacular job. Make sure you keep your eyes on his and the Brain Frame website for a copy of the video. Here are some pics I took during.
Thanks for reading! See y'all soon!