It's shocking

Greetings dear readers. You may have noticed that I didn't update my blog last week. But that's because I was too busy being overwhelmed by sun and fun in Cal-i-forn-i-ay!

The sad news is I haven't made any progress on Half Asleep Volume 2, but the good news is that Kyle finished the script for Volume THREE! So we're really cooking with gas which is AWESOME and I truly can't wait to get back to the drawing board.

During the last moments of my winter break (school starts on Thursday!) since you know I haven't been drawing, I've been prepping for my classes. Creating lectures, handouts and assignments. It's been fun, but I'll be happier when I'm actually hanging out with my students.

Although yesterday I was able to teach one of the SAIC Studio Preview Days for seniors who might be thinking about attending SAIC. It was a BLAST! These guys are so talented. I had them create a mini comic from scratch, pencil, ink, photocopy and assemble in a little less than an hour and a half. What they came up with was pretty stupendous.

Next time I hope to have some new comic pages to show you, and maybe even some inks! In the meantime, don't forget you can purchase Volume #1 of Half Asleep for only FIVE DOLLARS at the store.

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