The Rest of Our Lives

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I know I did.
Just really quickly, HAPPY 160th POST TO ME!!!

Something I saw my buddy Colleen Frakes  do was a holiday pile up drawing of all the goodies she made away with like a bandit.  So my dear friends, here is my drawing of holiday joy manifested in consumerism!

 However, it's difficult to talk about my holiday experience without the mentioning the fact that on Christmas Eve my family received an EXCELLENT early gift. Her name is Eleanor Jane Dasho and she is the newest member of the extended Hetland-Janssen-Dasho clan!

Since I've only just returned to Chicago, not too much to update about. Though, this is the last blog post of 2013 which is a cause for reflection. My resolution last year was to update my blog more and on time, make more comics, read more comics and be more generous with my time for others. I think I've only done well on two of those.  I think these are some pretty good resolutions and are a good idea to keep. Definitely things I'll be working on for the next forever. But instead of making resolutions this year, I would like to think about things I'm excited for in 2014.

1. TRAVEL! I'm excited to be going more places and have the ability to do so within budget. From Vancouver, to LA, to Wisconsin, to Toronto and Seattle next year will bring even more destinations to my tippy-toes.

2. COMICS! I'm so thrilled to be looking at the progress I've made so far and to see where this is going and to be happy to see even more comics come off my desk in 2014 than in 2013. Especially exciting is that since I'm almost 100% sold out of Fugue single issues, I'm already in the process of combining Fugue into one solid book! Not to mention of course, new issues of Half Asleep. PS- did you know, that you can purchase Half Asleep Vol. 1 from my online store.

3. TEACHING! Can't wait to see how this semester will go. I'm teaching the most classes I've ever taught, not to mention that I will be teaching two classes that are brand new to this world. Straight from my mind to the classroom.  AND on top of all of this, I have agreed to be teaching 1 class in the Fall of 2014, and 3 in the Spring of 2015.  It has been such a thrill to watch my students learn and grow.  A few of them have been with me since the beginning and many of those will be graduating this spring.  Talk about exciting!

4. FRIENDS! New and old. Every year is full of them and ever moment I am with them I feel like I'm going to explode with excitement. So 2014, keep 'em coming!

Everyone, I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve and start to 2014.

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