Long time, no see!

My dear, dear readers! Thank you so much for sticking with me despite my internet silence.  Sometimes, you just need to get a handle on one thing at a time.  Until then, you can only introduce tasks back into your life little by little. I'm happy to say, that this blog is back.

In honor of my great return, I'm going to update you on what's been going on from month to month. Lots of pictures, lots of stories and lots of blog posts.

Since my last post was pre-SPX, I figure I had better start in September.

September was a whirlwind, having just finished my full time position in August, I was working hard to prep for my class this Fall (Engineering Comics) as well as trying to wrap up the convention season before my Admissions travel season began! SPX was FANTASTIC as usual. It is so great to be able to travel around and see friends even if it is so very, very brief.

The days went well, sales were a little lower than average for me but I was proudly able to display and sell many copies of Kyle and my newest book, Half Asleep (vol. 1). I know you all have been seeing these sneak peeks of this book, but probably you are wondering what the heck it is about! Well... Half Asleep is the story of a young girl named Ivy whose mother enrolls her in a college program in a reality where you can learn to manipulate dreams and they alter the real world.  Dr. Lassette, Ivy's mom, is a co-founder of this method of study as well as the head Professor in the field at this school. 

The book, as of now, has one completed volume of 44 pages, but is envisioned to have 6 to 10 issues of roughly the same page count. I'd tell you more about my progress but that will spoil the coming months blog posts! All I can say is, if you want to know more, feel free to read the wonderful review by Rob Clough or pick up a copy at the online store (available soon!) to judge for yourself.

SPX wasn't the only convention I did in September, my dear readers. I know I didn't let you know and I am truly sorry about that, but I was at MICE in Boston, MA. Another FANTASTIC show. 

This was its first year being a two day show and boy do I hope they keep it that way! One day shows are hard for me to justify but a two day show, is almost always worth the trek.  I got to see a lot of friends who I missed at SPX because it was so busy, and some friends I had not seen in years. Sales were up much higher than SPX for me personally, but I know that smaller shows have a bigger hit-or-miss range.

In between my convention travels in September, I journeyed home to Wisconsin to relax and see my very first ever Badger game. It was a GREAT trip and well needed since I knew I was going to be so busy, I wouldn't be home again until the holidays.

As September came to a close, Kyle and I sold out of our first editions of Half Asleep and began reprints for our 2nd print run (!!!), I settled into my teaching rhythm and packed my bags for a full travel season with SAIC's Admissions to review portfolios and talk to high schoolers about Art School.

Tune in next week for the update on what happened in October!

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