Happy Holidays to you

Well here we are at December and we're almost at the end. December has been full of more studio work and more relaxation. Plus a little internet fame.
Before we jump right into December, something HUGE I neglected to mention in November's post was I got to visit my sister and brother-in-law while I was in Seattle. The reason this is HUGE is because my sister was 8months pregnant at the time and in fact as I type this she could be giving birth at ANY MOMENT! I'm about to be an aunt which is very exciting.
As December began, the semester wound down and a lot of my time was spent in meetings, grading papers and critiquing work. Between that though, I was able to put in a lot of hours in the studio and finish all the pencils for Half Asleep Vol. 2!!
Don't forget Volume 1 can be purchased ONLINE in my store! (link on the right--->)
This is really great because it keeps me on schedule for when I expect to complete Volume 2 and lights a fire under Kyle's ass to finish writing Volume 3 so I can start drawing it! Inking for Volume 2 will begin with the New Year and then we'll be about half way done with that whole issue. I think one of my favorite things about this book is that it's a huge series and I can feel the excitement for sharing each new part with people.
In between working on Half Asleep, I also made a little mini for my students called "The Ruiner" which is a collection of anecdotal stories of how I, or people near me, have ruined important moments.
I also am happy to be a participant in a neat little group who make an album of music about the last year called Diary Tunes and send them through the mail. I'm not so great at getting it done on time every year so I still had not done an album for 2012. Whoops. That being said, I finally finished mine up and since it was SO LATE, I made my album for 2013 at the same time and sent out a DOUBLE ALBUM!! I'm not gonna post the song list cause I know some of the members read this blog, but they'll get a little sneak peek of what the covers look like.
Being the crafty lady I am, I had to give into my crafting needs and what perfect timing to feel the familiar itch of crafts than Christmas time. I made my sister some ADORABLE onesies for my new niece and since they'll be receiving the box asap, it's alright that I share a few of these pictures with you all, but this isn't all of them.
I suppose now is a good time to discuss the internet fame I eluded to earlier in the post. Last year for a certain someone's birthday, I thought it would be funny to wrap their present as BMO from Adventure Time. So this year, I went a little over board and made almost the entire cast of Adventure Time for the same certain someone.
I made those probably a good two weeks before we were even going to exchange gifts so it was killing me that I couldn't share them yet. However, my roommate and I decided to do presents a little early since the gift I was giving her was going to help with our cookie date that we had planned. In a last minute decision I wrapped her gift as Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.
This made Amanda VERY happy, so she took some photos and posted them to her tumblr.
Which then became popular almost over night through reblogs, likes and shares. The count as of Sunday (after posting it on Monday) was 2,675 people shared or liked this. It also then prompted people to ask for a tutorial. Amanda and I obliged with this post which earned about 313 shares. Of course this made me hungry for fame, fortune and followers so I followed up with the post of my Adventure Time characters.
But fame was just a flash in the pan. Ah well.
To wrap up (heh heh heh) this post, I'll share these Christmas-y photos.
Till next time friends! Happy Holidays!

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  1. I am crying like a little girl as I look at this post again. I love these pictures. I love your talent.
    you-know-who, the sap