Do you remember?

Well, it's time to cover that blustery month known as November my dear faithful readers! As November began, the travel season for me continued.  I got to catch up with some good friends and former students and travel to places I had never been before. My list of destinations was as follows: Des Moines, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Rochester, Columbus, Ann Arbor, Seattle, Denver and Oregon, Wisconsin.

Penina, David Yoder, some Art and myself in Columbus!

Sally Carson, CEO and myself in Ann Arbor before a storm!

img src="http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2869/11405580023_1cce4a322c_z.jpg"/>

Me, my older sister Alison and my VERY soon to be niece [insert name here] in Seattle!!!

Aside from traveling and starting to wrap up the end of the semester with my students, a lot of November was spent starting the pencils for Half Asleep Volume 2 and organizing my incredibly-messy-and-cluttered-from-traveling life.

This update was mostly images, but I think that's just fine and dandy! Check back next week for another post!

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