Summer Hiatus

For those of you without a calendar, it is currently the 2nd week of July! When in the world did that happen?! Things have been flying fast here at BH HQ. School's ended, convention season is winding down, and the days are flying by. In case you hadn't noticed, my faithful reader, I haven't been around much. This. Breaks. My. Heart. But the fact of the matter is that with everything else going on, there just hasn't been time to sit down and write the ol' blog post. Never fear, this will change.

For now, I will have to take a small hiatus (after I give you a lengthy update as to where I've been, where I'm going and when I'll be back) until the summer sun has pretty much finished its cycle. Until then, here's the low down.

The last time I was here was right before CAKE, which in all aspects of the world, was not that long ago, just a month.  But CAKE was fabulous! Thanks to all the folks who came out to the show, and thanks to all my buddies who stayed with me or played Pinball afterwards. I sold well, had fun, and got some REALLY amazing comics that I've almost made my way through.

After CAKE wrapped up and my teary farewells happened with my friends, I had to jump right back on the freelance horse. I finished up all my illustrations with Nomad Press on both of my books, Native Americans and Mapping and Navigation. This brings my grand total of books with them up to FOUR! And I can't announce anything yet, but it's not likely that the count will end there... Some other freelance work I was doing was for my old community theatre group The Oregon Straw Hat Players, they're doing the musical Oliver! this summer and asked me to do some drawings for them.  I don't wanna show both of these drawings yet, but here's an in process photo of one of the illustrations that will become a gobo (like a projection):

(It looks like that because it's on my lightbox still)

Outside of my freelance, I have been FINALLY able to clock in some hours on the new series Kyle and I are working on called "Half Asleep." If we recall, this project has sat on my desk for about 3 months (!!!) and I finished penciling about 3 weeks before Stumptown (THAT WAS IN APRIL). As of last night, I have inked through page 17 of 41. I'm not there yet, but I've made a lot of steady progress and I love how these pages are turning out. There's been a lot of architecture and a lot more detail than my older work. As I'm working on these pages I feel a great sense of growth in the work that's coming out in this book so far. And don't worry, there will be some sneak peaks soon. If this book goes according to plan, it will end up being a little more than 6 issues of 44 (or so) pages each. Which will be my longest work to date. I don't want to nail down any dates yet as far as when it's going to debut, but I will say that it's no longer going to sit stagnant and of the remaining shows this season that I'm going to, it WILL be on my table for at least ONE of them! (I SWEAR TO YOU!!!!)

Let's see what else is going on, oh, yeah... I MARRIED TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS!! That's right, I got ordained (online) and was able to be the first person to announce them as Mr. and Mrs. These two friends of mine are folks I've known since Middle School and High School. They live here in Chicago now, and boy what a fun wedding.

Photo by Tyler Core (more to come!)

Now I think it's only fair to tell you when I'll be leaving my hidy-hole. I'll be tabling at the following conventions coming up:

August 24th Grand Rapids Zine Fest, Grand Rapids Michigan
September 14th and 15th Small Press Expo (SPX), Bethesda Maryland
September 28th and 29th Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE), Boston Massachusetts

And even bigger news than that is I'll be moving (willingly) from full time to a part time "day-job" which makes me VERY happy. For those of you who have seen me in person, the rare moment that this is, I have been rather frazzled working 40 hours a week + teaching + freelance + travel for work/conventions + attempting to make any work of my own. This next academic year, I think things will go a little more smoothly and the blog posts will return. Now, I don't mean to say I'll have nothing to do, OH NO DEAR READERS, but I will be able to choose my hours quite a bit more as I'll be working an unconventional work week. Yes, I'll be more poor, but yes I'll be more sane.

With that being said, I will bid you a farewell for now. This blog will be updated with big news when/if it happens and convention announcements, but please friends, be ready for my big return to weekly blogging sometime at the end of August.
Take care and I love you.


  1. You are amazing! I don't know how you do it all. Congratulations on winning life.

  2. The lightbox under the drawing is a great effect. I'll have to remember that. Have a good break.