Summer Zine Party!

Hello world! It's...Alex the Intern! Did you miss me? I got really sick, then got Beth sick, and then finals. Sorry dudes. But now I'm back, and I'm excited to tell you about some of the cool stuff I've been pulling from Beth's extensive zine collection!

Like this book of comics poetry by Ryan Cecil Smith!

This little book is full of sweet serenades to all our our favorite cartooning tools: the bone folder, the kinkos copy machine, the swingline high-capacity desk stapler...and many more.

I was also intrigued by this comic by Emma Wasielke.

This map box opens up to reveal a collection of comics and other art objects.

I love the collection of small moments combined to tell a story on these pages. 

I also laughed out loud as I read about the struggles of a poor blockheaded hero in This is the Worst by Ashley Elander

Literally the worst.

Mums by Kati Lacker contains the best bike accident I've ever seen portrayed in comics. 

No seriously. 

Aaaaah so beautiful!

I originally saw Gina Wynbrandt's comic at SAIC's BFA Show, and it is one of my favorites! Finally got to read the whole thing when I discovered it in one of Beth's comix boxes.

Those facial expressions. I. Flippin. Lost it.

I think one of the best things to come from cataloging Beth's comics collection was my discovery of the work of B. Ingrid Olson.

I'm seriously in love with her comics. Her strange collection and arrangement of objects and people to create an abstract narrative are really amazing.


Really. I'm such a fan.

I had such a great time discovering so many talented artists in Beth's zine collection. I'm totally jealous...I mean... inspired by the awesome comics they make! So please, be sure to check these guys out! 

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