This weekend is STUMPTOWN!!! I'm so very excited to not only be tabling at an awesome show but to have the chance to catch up, face to face with some of my west coast friends!

Here's where I'll be (and if you can read the scribbling writing, some of my buddies too):

I'll be tabling with Pat Barrett, Ben Horak, and Kevin Uehlein. We'll look something like this...
Stop by if you're in Portland!

But ALSO, if you happen to be in Eugene, OR and go to the University of Oregon, I'll be giving a little Visiting Artist lecture as well as teaching a bit of comics, book binding and self-publishing philosophies.


Screen Printing is Magic

Hey all! It's Alex again. In preparation for Zine Fest a few weeks ago, Beth took me to the shooting range to give me the 411 on how to handle myself should the convention be over-run by a hoard of flesh eating zombies.


Just kidding. Beth actually taught me how to screen print! Here's Beth washing out one of her screens. I finally learned the secret of how a giant light hardens emulsion on exposed areas on the screen, allowing the areas covered by your image to be washed away and printed through. (Turns out screens are not made through fairy magic, which is unfortunate as I have been bottling those tiny sparkling bastards for years in preparation for my screen printing career....)

I even got try my hand at printing some of Beth's covers for her daily comics. Yes, I do always stick my tongue out when I work. All the better to taste the comic with. I'm basically Michael Jordan.

Google "Michael Jordan Tongue"

Tah dah! The finished covers. (And I only accidentally screen printed the table once.) Tune in next week to see some of the cool comics I've been pulling from Beth's zine collection!


Pencil your heart out!

Good morning, internet. I hope you all have been enjoying Alex's blog posts! Pretty much the best thing about this blog I'd say. This past week I've spend really buckling down to blast through my freelance work and get that out of the way so I could sink my teeth into the book Kyle and I are working on and HOPEFULLY debuting at Stumptown Comic Arts Festival at the end of April.

As the title suggests, I've been penciling my heart out!

This is what's done.

Part Bionic Owl and Ivy enjoying a moment

Some of the school buildings on campus.

The start of a party scene at the President's house

Some party people...

The start of one of the first dream sequences VERY exciting...

What's left to go!! I'm on page 25 out of 41 pages... Feeling good, strong, and ready!

Here's a little peaky at the newest of the Nomad books I'm illustrating, it's about mapping and navigation!

And of course, it can't all be fun and games at Hetland HQ.  Sometimes I need to go to work and see some friends doing their job...

Joe DeGeorge performs as In Glove with Bach. :)
That's all for now friends, see you next time!