Zine Fest! (by Alex)

We are all making the same face. 

This weekend was my first Zine Fest! Well, first time tabling, at least. I feel like I’m still recovering from all the craziness! But it was so much fun! I met a ton of great people and read some fantastic comics! Note for next year: comfier shoes.    

A perfect fit!
I finished packing up all my comics at about 5am the morning of Zine Fest. I was really worried that I would be taking a full box back home with me, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. I was lucky enough to sell a few comics and trade with some very talented artists! So, lets show off some of what I got!

Ben was the first person to trade two of his comics with me! His drawings are awesome and you should definitely check out his website. Apart from being a great comics artist, he's also a pretty rad person to share a table with at conventions.

Grace is one of my friends at SAIC! It was difficult, but we finally managed to trade each other comics that we didn't already own. Sharing three classes together, we have a significant collection of one another's work. But, I managed to snag a copy of Yellow Comics vol. 2 which if full of cats and beards. You should take a look!

After deciding that anything I purchased at Zine Fest could be considered "research and study material," I proceeded to spend all my money on comics. Including this awesome comic called Why is My Easy Easy Life So Hard? by Dina Kelberman. I love the page layouts and scribbled panel structure.  You can find this book here and look at some higher quality images than my cell phone pics. 

If my Zine Fest shopping experience was an episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, the secret word would have been "Risograph." Because every time I found a comic that was Risograph printed I screamed real loud and bought it. Including this lovely book, I bought five comics printed using a Risograph printer.

Identifying Friends by Laura Berger was an adorable read and also included a special "treat" at the back of the book. You can see more of her work here.

One of the coolest things I got at Zine Fest, was Gather by Todd Freeman. It's a collection of intricately illustrated nets. The drawings are beautiful, and the book itself is a very interesting collection of objects as well as a recording of a methodical inking process. Really inspiring! Here's his website.

As for me, here were my best and worst sellers of Zine Fest:

STUPID was my most popular comic at Zine Fest, it's printed on layers of paper and vellum with hand-written dialogue on each comic. I made this last semester in Beth's class!

.....And the worst seller. I literally watched as person after person picked up this comic and put it right back down with a disgusted look on their face. Dude, I'm right here. I can see you. I guess some people just really don't like seeing naked people doing stupid things. 

If you do enjoy watching people (in various stages of undress) doing stupid things, you can see some more of my comics at the totally awesome website I just created. Hopefully more to come soon!

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