Yes, and...

Greetings! Last weekend was ZineFest which was completely awesome. Thank you everyone who organized, stopped by and tabled. Look forward to a blog post from Alex about her reactions from her very first tabling experience.  Lots of my students were tabling and lots of friends stopped by.  It was a really good day, sore feet included!

For today, I'm going to give you a look and a taste of some of the many projects cluttering my desk right now. You see, dear reader, I have a problem of believing in the improv training that was ingrained into me.  "Yes, and..." is a one of these methods for being a strong improv performer. How this applies to my life is when someone asks me about a project, a drawing, or really anything comics related, instead of my knee jerk rejection of social invites, I hear myself saying "Yes, and..." Usually what happens after the "and" is a deadline, timeline, pricing or schedule suggestion. BUT STILL, the important word has already been uttered.

That being said, I am EXTREMELY grateful for all the opportunities and new challenges I have right now, I just wish some of those opportunities involved being paid to sleep. Now, for your viewing pleasure I give you some sneak peeks. **note: many of these projects are in progress or are top secret so they may only be hinted at in small increments, but I promise to tell you about them when they reach fruition**

A small corner of the post for my Fall Comics Course

A ghostly image of something fun to come

A wise man, paving the way for mapping

Ivy getting frustrated that I haven't been able to spend much time on her

The cutie-patootie signs I made for my table at ZineFest

A design with a BANG

Tiny Robot Duck Comics that I will be coloring for the Spring Art Sale

There are some other projects that have yet to be capture by such a high quality as my iPhone, but soon you will be seeing somethings like IRENE sneak peeks, and my convention schedule. Stay tuned!

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