So baby, hold up!

Happy Wednesday, my dear readers. Just some quick updates about projects.

In case you didn't see, I highly recommend reading Alex's recap of ZineFest which was a blast for both of us.  I had a great time ushering Alex into her first convention, as well as spending some time catching up with my comics buddies who I rarely see because... well... we're always drawing comics! It was profitable and a good time. Remember, you can order ANY of my comics over at the STORE!

While we're talking about conventions, here is where I'll be and with whom for this convention season.  It's still a little sparse so, keep your eyes peeled for updates as to when you can get yourself a little Beth time:

Stumptown Comic Arts Festival
Portland, OR on April 27th and 28th
Tabling with Kevin Uehlein, Ben Horak, and Pat Barrett

CAKE (Chicago Alternative Komics Expo)
Chicago, IL on June 15th and 16th
Tabling solo!

Minneapolis, MN on August 18th
Tabling with Andy Christensen

Grand Rapids Zine Fest
Grand Rapids, MI on August 24th
Tablemates TBA

I'm still waiting to hear back from SPX, but hopefully that show or maybe a trip out to Boston for MICE? We shall see!

Still working through my new Nomad Press book about Mapping and Navigation (VERY FUN) but also was able to spend some time really sinking my teeth into my story for IRENE #2 (debut at Stumptown).  Here are my pages all penciled

Some pretty gross stuff going on in this comic. Much different than my "normal" work. I really love doing anthologies for this reason. It frees me up to try and explore anything I may be tinkering with in my brain. In this case, body horror and anxieties!

You also may have seen me in some of the news about Chicago recently. I spent my Friday afternoon in the freezing rain showing my support for the students of the Chicago Public School system who were upset about the order of having Persepolis pulled from their classrooms, school and (originally) library.

There are other images out there of what is going on, and I think all of you should do a quick google search and read all about it. In the meantime, Here's my sign

(Check out that tangent by the 'S' and her nose... yikes! Good thing I know what I'm doing...:/)

Sadly, I haven't had much time to throw down on the project Kyle and I are working on, but I'm determined to have the first issue completed and ready to go by Stumptown. Hold me to that, internet! Ask me about it! Tell me to get back to work! Time for a fun-fast, y'all. See you next week!

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