How do ya do?!

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woahhhhh. Okay, I'll admit. What with everything going on at Hetland HQ, I've neglected this little slice of life that I call home.  DUDES. Forgive me. Let's run down the list of things I'm working on shall we?

First up, freelance!! I've been slaving over the illustrations for the Native American (Nomad Press) and just when I think those are done and ready to go, there are edits, corrections, re-drawings and additions. SIGH, but such is the Freelance Hustle yes? The exciting thing is that book looks great and I think that even through all the work and edits, it's always for the best and makes the work stronger, more concise and accurate. That book should be released sometime in the Spring or Summer? Check on their website for more info. While that project is wrapping up, I've already begun working on the NEXT Nomad Press book! I know... can't she ever say no? But this next book is going to be really exciting to draw and I can't wait to have some time to sink my teeth into it fully. It's about Mapping and Navigation! How cool is that?

Second, real life!! I still work my day job as well as teach, so my daytime hours are sparse but I still get to do the occasional amount of mischief. For example... wrap a present like the character BMO from Adventure Time...

No big deal, right? And tonight is the SAIC BFA show! I'm very excited to see what everyone put in and some of my students hard work. One of my favorite events of the year.

Onward to COMICS STUFF. Been doodling a lot in my office meetings

As well as getting in a little bit of quality time here and there to work on the project with me and Kyle, code name: Sleep Self.

Also, even though it's now officially a MONTH later, I have my hourly comics I did on February 1st, which is ALSO my birthday. Here's some sneak peeks of those as they will be made into a little mini for Chicago ZineFest (where I'll be tabling next weekend!).

Hope you'll all stay posted for an update on Convention Prep and a list of where I'll be and when across the US of A!

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