We were just trying to summon Alan Moore.....

 Hey all! It's Alex the intern again. This week I took on the arduous task of alphabetizing and cataloging all of Beth's comic books (and some book-books too). In case you were wondering, yes, it is exceedingly difficult to shelve comics when you can't stop reading them long enough to put them in order. I blame Beth for having such an excellent collection. 

As I'm sure you all know, the first step to organizing your comics collection is laying them all on the floor in standard Spiral Jetty formation. This allows the books to breathe, get acquainted with their new book neighbors, and contemplate the meaning of cartooning in this temporal spiral of life. 

There was still some organizing left to do, so I arranged the books in a circle and held a séance to summon comics wizard, Alan Moore, to aid me in my task. 

After a few hours of chanting with no response from Moore, I began to doubt his legitimacy as a warlock. Some online sleuthing on credible source, Yahoo Answers, revealed I wasn't the only one with doubts. 

It seems he's up to more than just wizardry. 

Moore's status as magical being aside, I was able to successfully arrange all the books back onto the shelf from which they came. Take your time admiring my handiwork, forever immortalized in this cell phone pic. 


So baby, hold up!

Happy Wednesday, my dear readers. Just some quick updates about projects.

In case you didn't see, I highly recommend reading Alex's recap of ZineFest which was a blast for both of us.  I had a great time ushering Alex into her first convention, as well as spending some time catching up with my comics buddies who I rarely see because... well... we're always drawing comics! It was profitable and a good time. Remember, you can order ANY of my comics over at the STORE!

While we're talking about conventions, here is where I'll be and with whom for this convention season.  It's still a little sparse so, keep your eyes peeled for updates as to when you can get yourself a little Beth time:

Stumptown Comic Arts Festival
Portland, OR on April 27th and 28th
Tabling with Kevin Uehlein, Ben Horak, and Pat Barrett

CAKE (Chicago Alternative Komics Expo)
Chicago, IL on June 15th and 16th
Tabling solo!

Minneapolis, MN on August 18th
Tabling with Andy Christensen

Grand Rapids Zine Fest
Grand Rapids, MI on August 24th
Tablemates TBA

I'm still waiting to hear back from SPX, but hopefully that show or maybe a trip out to Boston for MICE? We shall see!

Still working through my new Nomad Press book about Mapping and Navigation (VERY FUN) but also was able to spend some time really sinking my teeth into my story for IRENE #2 (debut at Stumptown).  Here are my pages all penciled

Some pretty gross stuff going on in this comic. Much different than my "normal" work. I really love doing anthologies for this reason. It frees me up to try and explore anything I may be tinkering with in my brain. In this case, body horror and anxieties!

You also may have seen me in some of the news about Chicago recently. I spent my Friday afternoon in the freezing rain showing my support for the students of the Chicago Public School system who were upset about the order of having Persepolis pulled from their classrooms, school and (originally) library.

There are other images out there of what is going on, and I think all of you should do a quick google search and read all about it. In the meantime, Here's my sign

(Check out that tangent by the 'S' and her nose... yikes! Good thing I know what I'm doing...:/)

Sadly, I haven't had much time to throw down on the project Kyle and I are working on, but I'm determined to have the first issue completed and ready to go by Stumptown. Hold me to that, internet! Ask me about it! Tell me to get back to work! Time for a fun-fast, y'all. See you next week!


Zine Fest! (by Alex)

We are all making the same face. 

This weekend was my first Zine Fest! Well, first time tabling, at least. I feel like I’m still recovering from all the craziness! But it was so much fun! I met a ton of great people and read some fantastic comics! Note for next year: comfier shoes.    

A perfect fit!
I finished packing up all my comics at about 5am the morning of Zine Fest. I was really worried that I would be taking a full box back home with me, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. I was lucky enough to sell a few comics and trade with some very talented artists! So, lets show off some of what I got!

Ben was the first person to trade two of his comics with me! His drawings are awesome and you should definitely check out his website. Apart from being a great comics artist, he's also a pretty rad person to share a table with at conventions.

Grace is one of my friends at SAIC! It was difficult, but we finally managed to trade each other comics that we didn't already own. Sharing three classes together, we have a significant collection of one another's work. But, I managed to snag a copy of Yellow Comics vol. 2 which if full of cats and beards. You should take a look!

After deciding that anything I purchased at Zine Fest could be considered "research and study material," I proceeded to spend all my money on comics. Including this awesome comic called Why is My Easy Easy Life So Hard? by Dina Kelberman. I love the page layouts and scribbled panel structure.  You can find this book here and look at some higher quality images than my cell phone pics. 

If my Zine Fest shopping experience was an episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, the secret word would have been "Risograph." Because every time I found a comic that was Risograph printed I screamed real loud and bought it. Including this lovely book, I bought five comics printed using a Risograph printer.

Identifying Friends by Laura Berger was an adorable read and also included a special "treat" at the back of the book. You can see more of her work here.

One of the coolest things I got at Zine Fest, was Gather by Todd Freeman. It's a collection of intricately illustrated nets. The drawings are beautiful, and the book itself is a very interesting collection of objects as well as a recording of a methodical inking process. Really inspiring! Here's his website.

As for me, here were my best and worst sellers of Zine Fest:

STUPID was my most popular comic at Zine Fest, it's printed on layers of paper and vellum with hand-written dialogue on each comic. I made this last semester in Beth's class!

.....And the worst seller. I literally watched as person after person picked up this comic and put it right back down with a disgusted look on their face. Dude, I'm right here. I can see you. I guess some people just really don't like seeing naked people doing stupid things. 

If you do enjoy watching people (in various stages of undress) doing stupid things, you can see some more of my comics at the totally awesome website I just created. Hopefully more to come soon!


Yes, and...

Greetings! Last weekend was ZineFest which was completely awesome. Thank you everyone who organized, stopped by and tabled. Look forward to a blog post from Alex about her reactions from her very first tabling experience.  Lots of my students were tabling and lots of friends stopped by.  It was a really good day, sore feet included!

For today, I'm going to give you a look and a taste of some of the many projects cluttering my desk right now. You see, dear reader, I have a problem of believing in the improv training that was ingrained into me.  "Yes, and..." is a one of these methods for being a strong improv performer. How this applies to my life is when someone asks me about a project, a drawing, or really anything comics related, instead of my knee jerk rejection of social invites, I hear myself saying "Yes, and..." Usually what happens after the "and" is a deadline, timeline, pricing or schedule suggestion. BUT STILL, the important word has already been uttered.

That being said, I am EXTREMELY grateful for all the opportunities and new challenges I have right now, I just wish some of those opportunities involved being paid to sleep. Now, for your viewing pleasure I give you some sneak peeks. **note: many of these projects are in progress or are top secret so they may only be hinted at in small increments, but I promise to tell you about them when they reach fruition**

A small corner of the post for my Fall Comics Course

A ghostly image of something fun to come

A wise man, paving the way for mapping

Ivy getting frustrated that I haven't been able to spend much time on her

The cutie-patootie signs I made for my table at ZineFest

A design with a BANG

Tiny Robot Duck Comics that I will be coloring for the Spring Art Sale

There are some other projects that have yet to be capture by such a high quality as my iPhone, but soon you will be seeing somethings like IRENE sneak peeks, and my convention schedule. Stay tuned!


Chicago ZineFest


That's right, I'll be tabling at Chicago ZineFest this Saturday from 11am-6pm at 1104 S. Wabash Ave on the first and 8th floors. (I'm on the first)  I'll be sharing a table with the one and only Ben Bertin and you'll be able to see some of Alex's (my intern) work at the table too! Stop by, say hello, talk comics!! Here's a map for your convenience.

I'll have the first FULL SET of Fugue (part 1, 2, and 3) available

Plus some copies of Cycles, some small mini's and a NEW mini collection of my Hourly Comics this year.

Hope to see you there!


The Mayor of Crazy Town

Hello world! It's Alex the intern again, broadcasting to you live from Crazy Town, USA! 

The friendly city of Crazy Town. 
 Crazy Town was founded by esteemed comics creator, Beth Hetland, for a collaborative comics project. Once a small scale model of a university campus, Crazy Town has evolved into a complex city known for its unique architecture, complex infrastructure, and complete lack of foliage. 

Crazy Town has a thriving artistic community.
After leaving her comics career to become a full-time origami architect, Hetland has been a true pioneer for the arts here in Crazy Town. Pictured above is Claes Oldenburg's famous "itty bitty spoon bridge and tiny cherry," a Crazy Town landmark. With Hetland's help, Crazy Town's reputation as the epicenter of the modern art world has reached far beyond its tiny green walls. 

The entrance to Crazy Town.
Beth Hetland, current Mayor of Crazy Town, would like to tell the world that "The Gates to Crazy Town are always open!" 

The designer/architect/mayor of Crazy Town admiring her fair city.
Please visit. Please. 


How do ya do?!

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woahhhhh. Okay, I'll admit. What with everything going on at Hetland HQ, I've neglected this little slice of life that I call home.  DUDES. Forgive me. Let's run down the list of things I'm working on shall we?

First up, freelance!! I've been slaving over the illustrations for the Native American (Nomad Press) and just when I think those are done and ready to go, there are edits, corrections, re-drawings and additions. SIGH, but such is the Freelance Hustle yes? The exciting thing is that book looks great and I think that even through all the work and edits, it's always for the best and makes the work stronger, more concise and accurate. That book should be released sometime in the Spring or Summer? Check on their website for more info. While that project is wrapping up, I've already begun working on the NEXT Nomad Press book! I know... can't she ever say no? But this next book is going to be really exciting to draw and I can't wait to have some time to sink my teeth into it fully. It's about Mapping and Navigation! How cool is that?

Second, real life!! I still work my day job as well as teach, so my daytime hours are sparse but I still get to do the occasional amount of mischief. For example... wrap a present like the character BMO from Adventure Time...

No big deal, right? And tonight is the SAIC BFA show! I'm very excited to see what everyone put in and some of my students hard work. One of my favorite events of the year.

Onward to COMICS STUFF. Been doodling a lot in my office meetings

As well as getting in a little bit of quality time here and there to work on the project with me and Kyle, code name: Sleep Self.

Also, even though it's now officially a MONTH later, I have my hourly comics I did on February 1st, which is ALSO my birthday. Here's some sneak peeks of those as they will be made into a little mini for Chicago ZineFest (where I'll be tabling next weekend!).

Hope you'll all stay posted for an update on Convention Prep and a list of where I'll be and when across the US of A!