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Gooooooood Morning Internet!This last week has been filled to the brim with deadlines. Steadily chugging at my Nomad Press books as well as installing FUGUE: a family in three parts in the ArtWorks6 show at SAIC. (Sullivan Galleries, 33 S. State St.)

This show opens this Friday and runs until February 1st (A VERY IMPORTANT DAY!!!) So I hope you have a chance to see it, it also features work of my colleagues here at SAIC!

I've also been working on some little doodlies getting ready to be a part of the upcoming anthology Irene #2

If you've been following along in this blog you'll notice the drawings seem to have changed a bit from my former idea...well without getting into too much details, we'll just say it's the same character, but with a new narrative based on some recent real-life occurrences.

Speaking of real life, I was able to venture up to Wisconsin this past weekend and while there not only did I eat WAY too much but I got to ride side-car to a friend who wanted to shoot some photos of our beautiful Motherland.

Before I left for, as my dear friend Caitlin calls it, the Wi-Wi Miss Anna Gorman stopped by my office to add a LOVELY member to my office family. Check it out:

And with that I'll leave you to the rest of your Wednesday! Take care!

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