Boy, stop...

fffffooooooooooooosh! That, my dear readers, is the sound of me blowing the dust off this murky old blog. It has been SOME time. And I'm ashamed to say the lack of updates are not because of a lack of work... no quite the opposite. In fact I have been SO busy that Wednesdays come and go and I have barely realized it until the Mondays after. By that time I think, 'Okay... well I'll just wait till the next Wednesday to update...' and the cycle begins again.

TERRIBLE. I can only apologize so much before I've gone overboard. Besides, you all want to see what's up not what's down. Here is some re-capping of what you missed while I was away from the internet:



Friends who live in Montreal!!

Part of a jam comic I made with a Friends in Montreal!

That show I told you about... it happened!

This is what it looks like... RIGHT IN THE WINDOW!

The view from the other side

Had my last Admissions trip of the season with Kyle

And we ate BBQ of course

Went to see The Room Midnight Movie at the Music Box

Ate a really big burger!

Made a mom

Made a mom body

Helped Kyle make progress

Made progress with Kyle

Made a forest

Made a face

Well that takes us up to just about now. I'm in Wisconsin for the holiday but I am starting my New Years resolution early. STAY ON TOP OF THESE UPDATES! And to make the updates less about me and more about my work again. Happy Christmas and see you soon!

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  1. I just showed this photo to my mom, she was delighted.