Metal on the edge of a knife

Greetings from CANADA!!! This is a short update as I am merely stealing time from my dear Canadians to quickly update. I was in Wisconsin just a few days ago for some food and family time. And now I'm gallivanting around this beautiful world of Montreal. But in comics news, I'll be in a show opening on Thursday November 29th at the Neiman Center Gallery. (37 S. Wabash) in Chicago. Here are some images of what this comic is like! There will be 200 free copies so get 'em while they're hot!

Enjoy your week!


I am the sweet

Happy Wednesday, dear readers. I know it’s been a little while since there has been an ON TIME blog post here at Hooray for Comics! But you can only know that it has to deal with my intensely busy work schedule and life all around. It also means though that there are projects in the pipe lines. And you know where to get that news? Right here! First hand knowledge about all my projects and drawings and musings.

The main project on my mind is for a gallery show coming up called Take Away, that is a show that is being put together by something called SUGs (Student Union Gallery’s). The show opens on November 29th with an opening event on the same day from 4:00pm-6:00pm at 36 S. Wabash. So if you’re in Chicago, COME ON BY! My piece is going to be in the window! And like the title implies, there’s free stuff! Here’s my progress so far on this

Screen printed cases in the studio.

Cutting out process. Needless to say I’ve been watching a lot of Bond movies and episodes of Parks and Rec.

This weekend I travel again with Kyle and he and I have some work cut out for us on this project we said we’re starting. And then next week is THANKSGIVING! The other thing I’ve been super excited about is yesterday… IT SNOWED!

Take care!


Let's see...

My good friends! Boy have you been the patient waiters!! FUGUE 3 is for sale RIGHT NOW in the SHOP and NOW you can click one BUTTON and get all three for one low, low price of $15 dollars + shipping. Scroll down to the bottom for the "buy everything" set button!

What else is going on, you might ask? Well I'll tell you. I've been traveling just about every weekend with this doof

For SAIC's National Portfolio days, and we've been eating LOTS of great food.

But don't take MY drawing for it! Kyle's keeping a tumblr now about his food on the road... Digest-Ing He's still working out some kinks, so be patient, but it's pretty awesome so far.

This last trip we were in Saint Louis which, as some of you know, is a pretty decent Pinball town! So I got to play some pins that were in GREAT working order at an awesome place called The Silver Ballroom. (!!!!)

I had a pretty awesome warm up game on JP, and then moved on to Addams Family for a long while, and finished off the night with Creature from the Black Lagoon!! Very fun. Nice place, I highly recommend stopping by, but only if you don't mind cigarette smoke... bleh!

Other things I've been up to include two projects in the works that I can show you and two projects I can't!

This is the start of my next project with Kyle and it stars this kid, meet Ivy...

And this is for a show I will hopefully be accepted in called Take Away... I'll be making 200 of these puppies and they'll be in the gallery to be snatched up FOR FREE!

Have a great start to November!