Rain on my window pane

Happy rainy Wednesday, my dear readers. Now that book 3 of FUGUE has been completed, I'm just working on the corrections quickly right now. Spelling, greys, panels, things like that. Very soon the book will be available to all. Right now it's currently on it's first of many displays coming up for the 2012/2013 year. My office!

NOthing too fancy, but if you're around the Sullivan Building in downtown Chicago, let me know and I can check you in to take a look. Or if you're an SAIC friend, stop by room 1205 anytime!

But that's not the only show I'm currently a part of! There's only a few more days left of the Library Mixtape show in the Flaxman (also at SAIC)

This show consists of faculty and staff's top 10 favorite items at the Flaxman arranged as sort of an inspirational mixtape. The second part of the show will feature students!

It's not all fame and glory my friends, there's some hard work involved in my life too! This past weekend I had the great honor of traveling to Dubuque, IA to give portfolio reviews to prospective SAIC students. And while I was there I got to see the slides for the hard work that Kyle and I did this summer IN ACTION!

I got to see a lot of cool things, and Dubuque was a really surprising town. I guess it's true what the song says, "I ought to give Iowa, a try!" That's all for me now folks. The busy bee must return to the hive! Take care till next time.

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