A long time coming...

One year and 5 months, four drafts, many late night conversations, and one entirely messed up first print-run and I'm ECSTATIC to announce that FUGUE is 100% complete and all three parts are for sale RIGHT NOW in the Store. Only 6$ per book, with screen printed covers.

My friends, I feel this is a very large closing of a chapter for me. This project began as something much smaller, and was originally crafted in a way that would be conducive to my already bizarre writing habits. However, in an attempt to start small and build larger, I found myself frozen and needed to figure out where I was going before I could break it down. I spent a lot of time at diners and coffee shops and in the studio creating crazy ideas and telling people about them. The infamous CCS catch phrase "THE MATH IS WRONG" was born out of this project and my inability to multiply. In realizing that the complete project would not be fully realized for my Thesis, I put the final part on the shelf. Not that there weren't ideas but I really didn't know which was the right one for the conclusion of this book.

In working with Auto-Bio, I find myself defending the need to craft a good story a lot. This book couldn't end with a freeze frame, this book, in fact, couldn't END at all. It just needed to conclude. The beauty of life and documenting it is that it's still happening. My family is still growing and changing, and so am I. Thank you for being along for the ride of this book. Painful it may have been to wait for the final volume, and believe me, there were times where it was painful for me to create it! But here it is! Please tell your friends! It's out, it's real and it's done!


meaning and making

Happy Wednesday friends!! Sorry this post is taking place in the latter end of the day, but golly gee if I had thought I already wrote it! (And I'm pretty sure I did... cause well... Blogger seemed to have some kind of hang up today.) Next week Fugue part 3 will be around for purchasing!! Hooray! Comics progress, my friends. This last week, though, I just have a series of photos from my travels with Admissions. Enjoy!

See you next week!


Rain on my window pane

Happy rainy Wednesday, my dear readers. Now that book 3 of FUGUE has been completed, I'm just working on the corrections quickly right now. Spelling, greys, panels, things like that. Very soon the book will be available to all. Right now it's currently on it's first of many displays coming up for the 2012/2013 year. My office!

NOthing too fancy, but if you're around the Sullivan Building in downtown Chicago, let me know and I can check you in to take a look. Or if you're an SAIC friend, stop by room 1205 anytime!

But that's not the only show I'm currently a part of! There's only a few more days left of the Library Mixtape show in the Flaxman (also at SAIC)

This show consists of faculty and staff's top 10 favorite items at the Flaxman arranged as sort of an inspirational mixtape. The second part of the show will feature students!

It's not all fame and glory my friends, there's some hard work involved in my life too! This past weekend I had the great honor of traveling to Dubuque, IA to give portfolio reviews to prospective SAIC students. And while I was there I got to see the slides for the hard work that Kyle and I did this summer IN ACTION!

I got to see a lot of cool things, and Dubuque was a really surprising town. I guess it's true what the song says, "I ought to give Iowa, a try!" That's all for me now folks. The busy bee must return to the hive! Take care till next time.