Growing stronger

TWO WEEKS?! Oh my goodness friends. Clearly I've been busy. I'm not going to get into it too much because, well I need this time to be for drawing! Here's some process work on FUGUE part 3. 10 pages left. YIKES.

I started with all the millions of background people... ALL the crowd is in on my tier.
Now because I use a different tool for the main characters, it's time to put them in. Here's the whole page.
The tier is all done.
Everything is done!

Lots more has happened but really if you want to see photos from my adventures you should stop by my flickr site. Pinball, science, friends, and the zoo to name a few! Happy week friends


  1. wow Wow WOw WOW! These sneakity peakities of F3 are making me slobber\salivate. My gracious, am I excited por toi!

  2. Haahaha thanks lady!!! I'm excited too! Only 10 pages left to fix! and then it's time!