Too small, take them away!

FRIENDS! I've been working super hard on finishing this book! No time for an update!! Enjoy some panels!



Dope as me

Good morning, internet. This past weekend I was at SPX in Bethesda, MD and let me tell you, if you make comics, or love comics, or are in the north east, you should NOT be missing this show! It is hands down the best Comic Show in the States right now. Tons of superstars, tons of friends, tons of traffic and tons of love. I was staying with Josh Kramer and my tablemates, Pat Barrett and Dakota McFadzean. Part of all the love is the ability to spend so much time with those who I don't get to see 9 months out of the year.

Besides the friends, the sales were out of control at this show! I completely sold out of EVERYTHING I brought. Good for two reasons, 1) Time to start bringing more books and 2) people like what I'm doing.

Some highlights include this awesome pen that only worked in a blue light and the whole sketchbook of "invisible" sketches.

Here's what I drew:

This kid was SOO mad at his dad for dragging him around this comic show, it was cracking me up.

Friends galore!!!

And last, but not least, the charming Nomi Kane nominated me for an award, and here it is!!!

Thanks for tuning in! Especially you, new readers. Keep checking back as I conclude Fugue Part 3, and then there will be ordering information asap!


I'm down

Sometimes, internet, you just need to know your limits. Sadly, I've given up the ghost on trying to complete FUGUE 3 for SPX this weekend. I know, very disappointing. BUT the good news is the book is only 3 pages from being completely inked and then I will be able to start on digital clean up and greytones, and before you know it, it will be ready for consumption!

Until then friends, stop by table E3

where Pat Barrett, Josh Kramer, Dakota McFadzean and I will be. And please enjoy a few more sneak peeks of book 3... STAY HYPED!


Growing stronger

TWO WEEKS?! Oh my goodness friends. Clearly I've been busy. I'm not going to get into it too much because, well I need this time to be for drawing! Here's some process work on FUGUE part 3. 10 pages left. YIKES.

I started with all the millions of background people... ALL the crowd is in on my tier.
Now because I use a different tool for the main characters, it's time to put them in. Here's the whole page.
The tier is all done.
Everything is done!

Lots more has happened but really if you want to see photos from my adventures you should stop by my flickr site. Pinball, science, friends, and the zoo to name a few! Happy week friends