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Happy Wednesday, dear readers! This past week has been full of fun and excitement and a whole lot of drawings. In case you didn't know, I started penciling Fugue 3 on August 4th and FINISHED penciling on August 10th. BOOM. Granted these are rough, rough, rough pencils, but never the less, they are completed. Which means time to tighten stuff up and sling some ink around! Here's some inking in progress:

I got to throw in a quick trip home to see the summer musical and watch the totally awesome Meteor Shower at my parent's house which is way out in the country. Lots of good friends were seen and lots of needed family time was had. And some quality time with this guy:

But before I went home, I got to go hang out with my favorite pair of wizardrock brothers, Harry and the Potters! They put on an amazing show as always, and Kyle, Amanda and I had a great time.

Oh yeah, Potter Puppet Pals were there too!

PLUS I got to get the last few of the buttons I designed for them! They sold out!

I suppose the biggest news I have for you, dear readers, is that I've been hired in a new job! I still am teaching at SAIC, but now I'm ALSO the Retention Specialist at SAIC. This means that I work with students who are about to graduate or who have left the school without finishing their degrees and I cheer them on and help them out to complete and earn their degrees! I'm pretty excited about it, but I'm a little sad... my office is so, so empty...

Won't you send me some (OFFICE APPROPRIATE) artwork for me to hang? If you'd like to send something and need my address, email me! beth.hetland@gmail.com

Till next time, true believers!

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  1. 1. I LOVE/LURVE/LUFF the way that little dayshboard song is spell-ded out. UGH. I LOVE it.

    2. I am still working on making you a cube contribution. You will get at least one from me. I promise.

    3. I almost called you yesterday, just to say, "Aaaaaaaa-rickey-tickity-tick-tick!" before hanging up, but then didn't because I get the impression that you are on a fun fast, and didn't want to interrupt-o.

    You are my hero, Beth Hetland! All of this hard work you are doing is worth it! Keep it up!