Oh yeah!

One of the many wonderful reasons I love living in Chicago is that it's the largest airplane hub in the US WHICH MEANS, when friend's flights get fucked, they get to stay the night with good ol' Beth! Friends who also plan to be in town are pretty great too. In fact, the one and only Penina Gal is here right now!

This past week marks the occasion that I finally finished thumbnailing Fugue 3. It only took me a year and 3 MONTHS! But hopefully that means it's not a steaming pile of boom-boom. I've been fighting the good fight and slogging my way through pencils. I'm just over half way! Hooray!

I don't want to show too much because, well heck, you're just going to have to keep waiting a little bit. I'm working my buns off to finish this puppy ONCE AND FOR ALL for SPX2012. So here's my motto these days:

Kyle has recently become obsessed with the game Settlers of Catan (I'm sure some of you know this game...) the other night he bought the expansion pack so we could play with 6 people... needless to say, I kicked some butt the first round. Here's our motley crew:

But don't worry, dear readers, even though it feels like I'm neck deep in projects, I still manage to fit in some summer-fun times

And tonight, I get to go see one of my all-time favorite bands ever, Harry and the Potters. Here's the other button image I made for them. I can't wait to see it (and them) in person.

Until next time, look for minute to minute updates via twitter (@bethhetland) and keep those lips licked for Fugue 3!

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