Do what you feel now

Internet friends! Be sure to check out the awesome review of Cycles by Rob Clough I posted the other day. I hope summer is treating you well. I know I have been able to bike, swim, watch movies, eat food and see some great friends. This past week I was able to hang out with cool cats Neil Brideau, Sam Sharpe and Jeremy Sorese before Jeremy makes his epic journey from Chicago to new adventure.

A short update this week as I'm very excited about the soon-to-be-future of projects in my life. Fugue has finally started flowing again and I look forward to actually penciling some pages and listening to a new Audiobook. (suggestions welcome!)In the mean time, I've been cutting and folding a lot of origami for Bailliwik so I would order one of those if I were you!!

I was also able to babysit this cute little lady last weekend and watch some of the olympics

Till next week friends! Maybe I'll have some pencils to share with you...

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