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Good grief internet! You can tell I'm feeling better from my mid-June mono-meltdown because I totally forgot to blog last week! I was too busy catching up on lost time. What are some of the things I did? Let me tell you:

I went to my home town to help a very good friend, Miss Amanda Crary, paint a 44ft canvas for the theatre troupe we were both raised in. They're doing their annual summer musical and this summer it's Brigadoon, which takes place mostly in Scotland. So Amanda and I had the wonderful honor of painting the Scottish highlands. Here are some awesome process photos taken by me, Amanda, Pam, Tarah and maybe a few others...

We started with an old canvas that was used two years ago, if you look close you can see the purple patterns that we're covering up with our green

Time for some tree blobs

The end of our second day working on it we had to hang it up for rehearsal

Now we add in some of the beautiful purple heathers on the hill

This is the drawing we worked from

And here's a few with us in them to give you an example of the scale of this beast

It was really great to catch up with my friends from that part of the world especially Amanda.

I've also been working on an awesome project for the upcoming Bailliwik which is going to be really fun. I've been really into origami and alternative forms for minis, comics and, well, paper. Here's a sneak peak at some things that have been cluttering my desk.

Another awesome project that has been filling my time is doing freelance illustrations for the upcoming book Backyard Biology by Nomad Press. There have been a lot of fun illustrations with that so far, but here are some early pencils of two of my favorites:

Until next time, faithful readers!

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  1. I love that a book titled, "Backyard Biology" will have drawings of gators and sharks! :)