Hey shorty, what it is?

This past week as been full of fun times and some sad times. One of my roommates, Cleo, has had to begin the next section of her life, which involves moving out. :( Amanda and I are left with a big ol' hole in our house and our hearts.

But it's not all sad. Since sometime in February or so, I introduced Cleo to Doctor Who and we watched the very last episode the day before she left. Since she's going to be traveling a bunch before she returns to her motherland, I thought I would make her something special. If you've seen the show you'll instantly recognize this unique item. If you haven't watched the show, this item is very important to a very special character and she keeps it with her all the time through her travels.

And to my delight, she's begun posting images of the traveling "blue box"

I've also been working hard on some awesome images for the Admissions presentation that Kyle is going to test drive next week at Interlochen. EDIT:: Sorry I had to take down the images friends, it's not official yet so we're hiding them... And those were created in my new studio set up.

And the last thing I want to show you this week, dear internet, is that I've been playing DrawSomething with my sisters and although this wasn't sent to the nerdy sister, I thought it was pretty awesome...

Have a good week!


  1. Wait. Johnny Mnemonic pinball?!

  2. Great post. Sad-looking emptiness, awesome gift for Cleo, cool drawerings for Koil, and HOW DID YOU GET THAT PICTURE FROM THE GAME??? I need to know how to do that!

  3. @Dakota YES right? She's in Texas right now, but I have yet to find that pin in the wild myself...

    @cleo... lol

    @Ma when you push the "on/off" button and the circle button at the bottom at the same time, it takes a screen shot.

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA--you're so lucky I'm around to bug you!!!!!!

  4. Every time I see that paper chain, I hear this music: