On the winning team

READERS!! I'm going to come clean... I've missed some posts. Why? Because... well because I have mono right now. I'm using it as a bit of an excuse since I plum forgot last week, but it was because I was too busy resting after my BANGARANG weekend at CAKE with all my buddies! There are tons and tons of pictures of what I've been up to at my flickr and at the CAKE flickr site too.

Here's my handsome fellas hanging out at our table

Also while a bunch of my CCS friends were here, the one and only Jon Chad let Josh and me tag along for a tour of the LAST PINBALL FACTORY. Be sure to click through my flickr set of that, too!

Here's Josh playing the new ACDC machine that just came out! Thanks Jon! And thanks Stern!

What am I working on now? Very little, I'm sad to report. I just put together a very exciting lecture for a top secret event that MAYBE I'll talk about later, but here's a cute little Beth drawing from that.

I'm also cranking out some freelance work for one of my favorite publishers Nomad Press. And last but CERTAINLY not least, my dear readers, something very exciting landed in my lap today. I can only show you this inspiration photo for now, but lemme tell you, I almost yelled out, "Well bless my nippers! Bless them all day long!"

Sorry for all the secrets, keep them under your hat, internet. I'll see you next week!

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