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Well friends, I've now officially traveled to another country and back and oh man am I the better for it! TCAF was an amazing show and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to read comics or make comics. It was a great show for both. Here are some highlights from my trip with two Joshes! But before then, check out this awesome interview with the National Post in Toronto I did. Click Here to read.

Beautiful Toronto from the Island airport I flew into!

Josh Kramer and I at our blurry but beautiful table.

Our tablemates to the right including but not limited to: Joe Lambert, Alex Kim, Melissa Mendes, Chuck Forsman, Sean Ford, Secret Acres and Caitlin McGurk (not tabling but being awesome) and a sprinkle of Becca Lambert.

Our table mates to the left: Julie Delporte, Jon Chad, Josh Rosen and Chris I'm-sorry-I-forgot-your-last-name!

Always good to compare notes!

Awesome venue at the Toronto Reference Library!

Jon Chad teaching kids at his Fizzmont Institute talk.

I love this image of my two Joshes. This weekend was seriously the best. Not just because of these fellas, but because THIS happened!!

UN. REAL. Thank you Toronto, you can bet I'll be back!!!

In local news, today Kyle and I gave away about 150 books to the SAIC community at the brand new Neiman Center and here's a few photos from that. Remember, if you're the proud owner of a new book, post a picture and tag me (@bethhetland) or email it to me, and YOU will be on the blog!!

Our table set up

New friends excited about books!

Open-mouth smiles are what we are good at.

And don't forget, you can still order a copy of Cycles for only $10.00 at the STORE order today friends. You won't regret it! And mark your calendars for May 18th (NEXT FRIDAY) for the special Brain Frame 6 event where Kyle and I will be doing a performance promoting our book. 8pm, at 1452 N. Milwaukee at the Gallery Formally Known as Happy Dog. I would love to see you there! We've made a very special mini for the occasion that you can ONLY get there! (For free, of course)

Next week, I'll have reports from the CCS graduating class of 2012, till then friends, take care :)

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