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Before we get to the meat and potatoes of this post, DID YOU VOTE YET?! Tell your friends, co-workers, family members! Vote for me in the Stumptown Comic Arts Awards and my buddies Nomi Kane, Caitlin McGurk and Jen Vaughn in the Best Anthology Category! You can come find me (and my table mates) in person at the Stumptown Comics Fest right here:

Guess what dear readers! I have some exciting updates for you about our book Cycles which, oh my goodness, is ALMOST DONE! We got to see our second proof and this time I managed to hold on long enough to snap some pictures.

And in the mail, Kyle and I received a very nice postcard that said:

Guess who it was from?

We're all squared away and submitted! How exciting! Now we just play the waiting game. Fingers crossed friends, fingers crossed!

In other news, my mom and our family friend (practically a second mom) came down to visit me and my cousin which was awesome. We had a great day just walking around the city. I did an AWESOME Easter egg hunt with my friend Jen, and not only did we thoroughly enjoy ourselves, but we also came in 4th and won a prize!!

Team Egg-lementary

We found one in a dumpster, and Jen said 'I NEVER do this!'

38 eggs!

They had hidden about 500 eggs throughout Logan Square.

4th place winners!!!

I've got a bunch of freelance work which is very exciting, but keeps me busy. On top of that I've been spending a few hours each day working on FUGUE part 3, and I'm really trying to cook along to be done for CAKE. But before CAKE, I have to get my behind in gear for convention season which is upon us!! I spent a few days this past week screen printing and re-printing books for all the conventions coming up. Gotta be prepared! Till next time dear readers!

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