Aww man, there ain't nothin' like...

Wowee Zowie friends!! This week has gone by so fast. Mr. Ben Horak was in town and we went everywhere and did EVERYTHING! Hancock, Mag Mile, deep dish pizza, DMK, Art Institute, Spoon, greasy breakfasts, Music Box, made books, taught class, drawing day, Mario Bros, Quimby's, Chicago Comics, Challengers, horror movies, Garcia's, Goodfellas, homies and soooo much more.

Collaborations are amazing!

Getting Ben ready for a Punk Prom in Bloomington... he cut the sleeves off his jacket, and I wore them.

I also made a fun little comic about a moderately true story of what it's like to flirt with nerds. This comic will be printed as part of the anthology edited by Neil Brideau and Sam Sharpe and given away for Free Comic Book Day.

And last but not least... Fugue #1 got nominated for Best Small Press at the Stumptown Comic Arts Awards! And it might win if YOU vote too!

Click this link to vote for me under Best Small Press and my friends Nomi Kane, Caitlin McGurk and Jen Vaughn in Best Anthology! Spread the word and thanks for your vote!

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