One piece at a time!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet--- THE BOOKS HAVE ARRIVED!!!

You can order them NOW at THE STORE! Be sure to scroll all the way down for Cycles ordering information. $10.00 for a Perfect Bound, 142 page romp through 1870 England! Bicycles, banks and brothers... what more could you want?

Or if you're in the Stumptown area, I'll be tabling from 10-6 on Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday right here:

With these handsome fellas!

We spent some good time signing a bunch and boy are our hands tired!

But there's no rest for the wicked...
Woah, I don't remember that scene, Beth... where is that from???

And there's reference for it too? What is this for? It's kind of like Cycles, but not really...

WELL! You'll just have to mark your calendar and show up to Brain Frame 6 on May 18th at 8pm!! Bring 5bucks and your HYPE face!!

And if you find yourself on the East coast, be sure to swing by MoCCA and check out some great stuff from the CCS crew! AND stop by my buddy Tyrell Cannon and ask him how part three is going!!

Have a great weekend everyone, next report will be coming live from SEATTLE! (or an airport in Seattle)


Gimme a Pepsi Free


This week has been busy, busy, busy!! First up, comic news.

I've been screen printing a lot...


Mainly to get ready for all the conventions I'm going to between now and next September. So I did a bunch of re-prints of Fugue Part 1, Fugue Part 2, AND special limited edition screen-printed and hand assembled (for my students only)Cycles. All of these comics are available for purchase at the Store! Kyle and I get our ACTUAL copies of Cycles back from the printers on FRIDAY! How exciting.

Limited. Get ready students!

I started drawing a new comic that I can only tell you VERY LITTLE about because it will be performed ONLY at one event (so far) and is being made SPECIAL for this event... Mark your calendars, Chicago-land/midwest friends... May 18th. BRAIN FRAME 6! Kyle O'Connell and Beth Hetland.

The legendary Beth-giggle has been caught on film AGAIN! Check it out at about 1:39 in this awesome Chicago ZineFest video.

I went to a lecture that the Art Institute was hosting with panelist Ivan Brunetti, Neal Adams, Geoff Darrow, and JJ

Illustration rejected by the Conan the Barbarian folks drawn by Geoff that was considered "too violent." Hahahaha.

I also attended C2E2, not as an exhibitor, but as an attendee. (Technically speaking they let me have an Educators pass... coooooool). I saw some good friends but, as this was only the second "main stream" con I'd ever been to, I was thoroughly overwhelmed. I didn't buy anything but I saw Dotcom (from 30 Rock), Tyrell Cannon (my buddy who was tabling), some students (making work as well as attending! Great work y'all!), John Porcellino and the Top Shelf fellas, but most importantly...

Captain America (as played by Steve Holliday)

Jen and I also made our popcorn on a cob. The first round was a disaster!

But we got better at it.

I've been jotting down ideas, or as Kyle likes to call it "collecting my bricks," for Fugue Part 3. Things seem to go much slower when you have to conclude... Any other writers/cartoonists struggle with this? I feel like I'm having a daily 'what does it all mean!?' argument with myself. Let me know... am I alone?

See y'all next week!


I'd go sailin'

Before we get to the meat and potatoes of this post, DID YOU VOTE YET?! Tell your friends, co-workers, family members! Vote for me in the Stumptown Comic Arts Awards and my buddies Nomi Kane, Caitlin McGurk and Jen Vaughn in the Best Anthology Category! You can come find me (and my table mates) in person at the Stumptown Comics Fest right here:

Guess what dear readers! I have some exciting updates for you about our book Cycles which, oh my goodness, is ALMOST DONE! We got to see our second proof and this time I managed to hold on long enough to snap some pictures.

And in the mail, Kyle and I received a very nice postcard that said:

Guess who it was from?

We're all squared away and submitted! How exciting! Now we just play the waiting game. Fingers crossed friends, fingers crossed!

In other news, my mom and our family friend (practically a second mom) came down to visit me and my cousin which was awesome. We had a great day just walking around the city. I did an AWESOME Easter egg hunt with my friend Jen, and not only did we thoroughly enjoy ourselves, but we also came in 4th and won a prize!!

Team Egg-lementary

We found one in a dumpster, and Jen said 'I NEVER do this!'

38 eggs!

They had hidden about 500 eggs throughout Logan Square.

4th place winners!!!

I've got a bunch of freelance work which is very exciting, but keeps me busy. On top of that I've been spending a few hours each day working on FUGUE part 3, and I'm really trying to cook along to be done for CAKE. But before CAKE, I have to get my behind in gear for convention season which is upon us!! I spent a few days this past week screen printing and re-printing books for all the conventions coming up. Gotta be prepared! Till next time dear readers!


Aww man, there ain't nothin' like...

Wowee Zowie friends!! This week has gone by so fast. Mr. Ben Horak was in town and we went everywhere and did EVERYTHING! Hancock, Mag Mile, deep dish pizza, DMK, Art Institute, Spoon, greasy breakfasts, Music Box, made books, taught class, drawing day, Mario Bros, Quimby's, Chicago Comics, Challengers, horror movies, Garcia's, Goodfellas, homies and soooo much more.

Collaborations are amazing!

Getting Ben ready for a Punk Prom in Bloomington... he cut the sleeves off his jacket, and I wore them.

I also made a fun little comic about a moderately true story of what it's like to flirt with nerds. This comic will be printed as part of the anthology edited by Neil Brideau and Sam Sharpe and given away for Free Comic Book Day.

And last but not least... Fugue #1 got nominated for Best Small Press at the Stumptown Comic Arts Awards! And it might win if YOU vote too!

Click this link to vote for me under Best Small Press and my friends Nomi Kane, Caitlin McGurk and Jen Vaughn in Best Anthology! Spread the word and thanks for your vote!