Thanks to all the hustlers

SPRANG BRAKE!!! Or at least it is here at the grand old School of the Art Institute. My students are all off dancing in the sunlight and summer-feeling weather... slash they're cooped up in their houses working on their projects for my class. (Sorry dudes.) Here at Hetland HQ, it's not all fun and games. There's a lot of work to be done for the rest of the semester as well as before the heavy convention season picks up.

Kyle and I got our proof from our printers and it looks soooo stellar. Unfortunately we combed through it and had to return it until we get the final ones so I don't have a sneaky peak picture for you all out there in the in-tar-net. Sorry friends, but now it's just a waiting game until we get all of our books! Be sure to pre-order over at the store!

Kyle and I also have our big Victory Lap day planned on Friday. Watching all the movies we love to watch, eating homemade baked French Toast, burritos, kettle corn, and enjoying our success. Basically being bums.

BUT I've been spending a lot more time working on FUGUE three. It's going slow, but I've got a lot of support and I feel confident that with all my "brick collecting" I'll have enough to build something pretty soon.


Sketchbook thoughts.


  1. As a legal representative for all-things-Hatching, I move that you cease and desist your libelous proclamations!

  2. HAHAHAHA Jon FINE!!!!!!! <3 love you.