No knot unties itself

Happy 100 posts, dear readers!! Wow, we sure have come a long way since that fateful day two summers ago when I decided Livejournal was over and got myself a fancy blogger account. And even more has happened since I vowed to post every week because of the amazing inspiration I felt from Professional Practices. I've completed three big books, gone to many cons, earned my MFA, moved halfway across the country and played a LOT of pinball. No need to travel down memory lane through text, check out an old post for yourself!

In future news, Chicago looks and smells like springtime. Although I am majorly bummed for the weakass winter we've had, I am very pleased by the feeling of springtime when it's SUPPOSED to feel like springtime! Something about this weather makes me want to devour book after book. And devour I have! I got one of my fellow faculty's books last week, Treasure Island!!!, and absolutely LOVED it. It was the perfect thing to kick off my spring/summer reading frenzy. I blasted through that book in about 3 days. I highly recommend it. I've also started reading a book that many folks have prodded me to pursue, The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay, which is a fictional story about a real time in comic's history. So far, it's great.

And of course some comics reading also. Two of my very good friends have REAL KID books coming out THIS month! The first one I promptly had my local book store order for me, Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth!!

Don't forget to check out Jon's blog and the Fizzmont Institute of RAD Science which is where Leo Geo blogs!

The second I'm very excited to say I'm going to pick up TODAY from my local comic book shop. I'll be sure to post an equally excited picture of myself holding that book, too. And be sure to check out Joe's blog!

As promised!

I would love to stay and chat more, but I'm cleaning house and getting groceries for in preparation for the one and ONLY Mr. Ben Horak to come and visit! I'll keep ya'll posted about our wacky adventures as BH and BH run around the city!


  1. Happy 100th! And I still refuse to believe LJ is over.

  2. hahaha Keep on fighting the good fight Colleen!!